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Traditional Payment Plans

Central Christian College of Kansas, like many other private Christian colleges, operates on a zero-balance policy.  What this means is that each semester’s bill must be satisfied in full before beginning that semester’s classes.  There are two payment options described below.

Lump Sum Payment

This involves payment of the current semester’s entire balance through cash, personal check, bank check, debit card or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover accepted).  You may contact the Business Office or Financial Aid Office at any time (620-241-0723) during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. central time) to find out your estimated balance due if you are a deposited student.  This is the preferred method.  To make a one time online payment, click "MAKE A PAYMENT" and follow the instructions.

Electronic Payment Plan

The alternative to the lump sum payment is to enroll in the FACTS Management tuition payment plan.  CCC is pleased to offer this payment service in partnership with FACTS Management.  Instead of large annual or semester payments, this interest-free monthly payment option enables you to maximize savings and income by spreading your education costs over nine or ten monthly payments.  To get set-up for a monthly payment plan, click "MONTHLY PAYMENTS" and follow the online instructions.  You can even watch a video tutorial if you need assistance.    

This is an automatic draft plan that can be drawn on either a checking/savings account or a credit card (ATM or Debit Cards are not accepted).  Your entire year’s balance is tentatively calculated and divided into nine or ten payments (nine-payment plan starts in September; ten-payment plan starts in August) and drafted each month on the 5th or 20th from the account of your choice.  The actual balance is determined before the final month and adjusted accordingly.

There is no interest on this plan and only a small enrollment fee to participate (only $25 per semester or $45 for the entire academic year).  Enrollment forms are available by contacting the Business Office during normal business hours.  If you plan to use the ten-payment plan, the enrollment form needs to arrive in the Business Office by July 25th (please call 620-241-0723 for approximate amounts).  The nine-payment plan requires that the enrollment form be received no later than August 1st for the Fall semester.

If you have an questions about the payment of your bill, please feel free to contact Dr. Chris Stocklin, Chief Financial Officer, by email at