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Acceptance into Central Christian College of Kansas does not guarantee enrollment into classes. In order for enrollment to occur, the following need to be complete:

  1. Code of Conduct 
  2. Payment Plan: The student must have made payment arrangements with the Business Office or has completed all items to use financial aid or other means to cover all respective charges. This may include the signing of the Intent to Enroll form. 
  3. Placement Assessment: Prior to enrolling in courses, students are required to complete a placement assessment. The result of this assessment will be used to determine if additional academic support is advisable. Students scoring below prescribed levels will be required to adhere to an Academic Plan, as prescribed by the student advocacy team. Currently, the College utilizes SmartMeasure as its course placement tool. Students seeking enrollment are required to complete the English, Math, and Technical modules of the SmarterMeasure Assessment Tool.
  4. Official Transfer Evaluation: While not required for official enrollment, students wanting to apply transfer courses to meet enrollment requirements will need to have completed an official transfer evaluation prior to the credits being applied to the degree audit. The student will need to submit official, final college transcripts from all institutions upon which the student would like an evaluation to occur. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate any prior college coursework, including credit earned through a concurrent enrollment program. The College can assist the student in this process by submitting permission for the College to obtain official transcripts from all institutions attended.

Submission of transcripts does not guarantee that transfer credit will be awarded. The college is not responsible for any repeated courses taken due to nondisclosure of credits take at other institutions. More information concerning transfer Credit can be found in the Transfer Credit Policies found in this catalog.



Students wanting to begin classes, but who are still waiting on official documents to arrive or are in the process of securing documents for verification, may qualify for Conditional Enrollment. This status allows the student to enroll in the first class, while documents are being processed. In order to qualify for this status, all unofficial documents must be on file at Central Christian College of Kansas.

Conditional Enrollment only allows for participation in the first course. If at the end of the first course, documents are still missing or incomplete; the student will not be eligible for further enrollment and will not receive official acceptance from the College. Financial aid will not be released until all paperwork has been submitted and meets the requirements as defined by the admissions and financial aid office. If the needed documents are absent or deficient at the end of the term, therefore causing the student not to receive financial aid,
the student is responsible for all costs incurred during the conditional enrollment period.

Students seeking Conditional Enrollment Status must complete a Conditional Enrollment Status application.


Student copies or unofficial transcripts cannot be used for enrollment.


  1. Mailed in a sealed envelope from the institution. 
  2. Mailed by the student. The transcript must still be in a sealed envelope from the transcribing institution.
  3. Electronically delivered from DOCUFIDE, Scrip-Safe, National Student Clearinghouse, or JST.