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Academic Enrichment
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Academic Enrichment

Promoting student success through Academic, Career, Multicultural/International, Disability and Counseling support programs. The Student Success Center is committed to helping students connect with the appropriate programs and services to assist students in developing a personal plan for success.
It is important for students to take the initiative to do the following:
  1. Get to know your instructors. It is important for students to become comfortable with approaching their instructors, participating in class and asking for assistance. This is a small school and all the instructors are interested in each of their student’s success.
  2. Meet with your academic advisor. All students have an academic advisor who is available to help with scheduling classes, talk about issues that may be of concern, and help them create a plan for success.
  3. Use the free on-campus tutoring services.
    • Student Success Center provides a tutor upon request from a student. In addition, study cluster groups provide tutoring and study in a group setting with a trained Study Cluster leader. (RBC, 2nd floor, room 1124)
    • Multicultural/International Center providing services such as advisement, referral for academic assistance or tutoring, answer questions concerning coursework and classes (Science Hall 306A)
    • The Writing Center provides trained consultants from the English Department for students who wish to receive assistance on various writing assignments.  Their hours are open for walk-ins, but they also schedule appointments for students needing assistance when the writing center is not open.  (Science Hall, room 306)      

Academic Enrichment Resources





Project ABLE (Academic Bridges to Learning Effectiveness)

Fresh Start Seminar

  • 5-hour seminar for students struggling academically or students placed on academic or financial warning/probation.  Offered during January.

Athletic Study Support Services

  • Tutors on bus for away athletic events
  • Evening supervised study sessions

Disability Support Services

  • Learning experiences which assures the student with a disability of equal access to all programs, academic aids and accommodations as needed.
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Reasonable accommodations for students who qualify with documented learning disability; ADHA; psychological disorders; visual, hearing, medical and/or mobility impairments.
  • Download our helpful Accommodations document

Multicultural/International Student Services

  • Advocacy and assistance
  • Academic Services
  • ESL opportunities
  • Summer Program for International Students (Directed by the English Department)

Counseling Services

  • Personal Counseling – Free counseling available to assist students in dealing with issues in their personal lives that are interfering with academic progress and success. 
  • Academic and Career Counseling –Assistance in working through academic plans, interventions, selecting a major or changing a major, filtering through process of career and future plans.
  • Mediation - Available mediation for conflicts, idea sharing, grievance and other issues needing a third party to resolve concerns. 
  • Spiritual and Life Counseling - Giving guidance and direction in spiritual and life changing issues in the daily college life.
  • Counselor referral -  Referred to one of the cooperating counselors of our college campus.